My name's Jack, and I'm a writer and communications, engagement, and education marketing specialist based in Melbourne, Australia. Welcome to my site.


I'm a graduate of NIDA and The University of Melbourne, and my writing for theatre has appeared at the Adelaide Fringe, the Melbourne Fringe, the Corinbank Arts Festival, the Melbourne Midsumma Festival, the National Folk Festival, and now on the internet (for free).

I'm a social media coordinator and communications consultant, specialising in developing community engagement in secondary schools. For the last 8 years, I've worked closely with a number of government schools, and have overseen campaigns in enrolment admissions, audience expansion, and digital engagement for Suzanne Cory High School, Melbourne High School, Wheelers Hill Secondary College, Thornbury High School, and Mac.Rob. I'm also a presenter of "Digital Communications for Schools" at the Bastow Institute of Educational Leadership, and have run workshops as part of the Australian Teachers Of Media (ATOM) State Conference ('Live Broadcasting And Television Production For Young People').


If you work for a school and want to build a better online community, then we should probably talk.

Please note that the writing and artwork contained on this site are presented in the spirit of good will, and are for entertainment purposes only. Please don't copy, reproduce, appropriate, or in other ways pilfer my work without consultation or permission. That's just the decent thing to do.

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