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Peter Pan

/ all children grow up /
written by jack richardson
after j.m. barrie

When Wendy Darling discovers an unearthly boy crying on her bedroom floor, she is whisked away to Neverland - an impossible realm of mermaids and fairies, Lost Boys and pirates, wicked Captains and hungry crocodiles. But Neverland, for all its wonders, hides a sad, unspoken truth: All children must grow up... except one.


Both heartwarming and melancholy, the mystery of identity, purpose, and childhood in J.M. Barrie's enduring classic are given a sharp new life through the perspective of Peter Pan's heroine: Wendy Darling. What do we lose when we choose to grow up? How does that choice shape the person we'll become? And who is that person, if not our authentic self?

Peter Pan is a fable for all ages - but especially for the child we used to be. It was brought to life by a team of talented young adult actors at the David Williamson Theatre as part of Scintilla Performance's 2018 Performance Program. They were so good, they made the playwright cry.



Act One

Prologue: Kensington Gardens

Scene One: The Darlings’
Scene Two: The Boy & The Shadow

Scene Three: The Jolly Roger

Scene Four: Neverland

Scene Five: Mermaid Lagoon

Scene Six: The Neverland Family


Act Two

Scene Seven: Wendy’s Dream

Scene Eight: Hook’s Plan

Scene Nine: Mothers

Scene Ten: “I do believe in fairies”

Scene Eleven: Battle for The Jolly Roger

Scene Twelve: Kensington Gardens

*      *      *



Peter / Boy

John / First Twin / The Starkey Bros

Michael / Second Twin / The Starkey Bros

Mrs. Darling / Hook

Mr. Darling / Smee / Tootles

Nibs / Cookson

Slightly / Skylights

Curly / Noodler

*      *      *



Production should be minimally staged, but not cheaply or in an improvisational fashion. Care and attention should be taken to costuming and props, with key set pieces providing particular meaning and significance. In Barrie’s words, “A little less, and how much it is.” No attempt should be made to realize the settings with total realism, and at no point should anyone fly.