The Colour

Out In Space

/ a promethean cautionary tale /
written by jack richardson

London, 1899. Disgraced inventor, Henry Black, secures the funds for a dangerous and ground-breaking experiment: the activation of the Homunculus of Substitutiary Locomotion, a device capable of suspending time and rendering death inconsequential.


He hopes, at long last, to correct a mistake that’s haunted him for ten long years – a mistake that cost him his reputation, and the lives of his wife and child. But life and death are forces of nature that man was not meant to control, and the good doctor is soon reminded that success comes at an astronomical price…


In Order of Relation


HENRY BLACK, an inventor

JESSICA BLACK, his dead wife

JAMES BLACK, his son

TIM, his assistant

OTIS FAIRWEATHER, an accountant





I. Father & Son #1

II. Creative Accounting, The Fairweathers’

III. “Business As Usual…”, The Warehouse

IV. Photographic Memory, The Study

V. Homunculus, The Warehouse

VI. Father & Son #2

VII. Creative Accounting, The Fairweathers’

VIII. Tim, The Wharf

IX. Assets, The Warehouse

Act Two is forthcoming.


 I. FATHER & SON #1 



(JAMES stands alone in a spotlight.)


I once knew a man who was as tall as the sky. His arms were so wide they could embrace a mountain whole, and around his head spun galaxies of stars and moons.


That’s how my father always seemed to me.


And you might say that he was only tall because I was very small. That the breadth of his embrace was nothing but the comfort of a parent’s hug. And maybe you’d be right.


But around my father’s head did spin moons and stars. Behind his eyes shone galaxies of secret thought. To me he burned like a blazing sun, a comet streaked with pride across the rooftop of my world.


And even when I died, his star refused to fade. Its light moved on through the chasm of empty space.


A beacon of love a child lights for every parent.


Leading me back to the man whose hubris killed me.