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“If I am occasionally a little over-dressed, I make up for it by being always immensely over-educated.”​


—  Algernon Moncrieff

SCIN-TIL- LA (Italian) / noun / "A spark ."

Scintilla Performance Inc. is a not-for-profit youth theatre company designed to provide young people who are currently completing, or have recently completed, their secondary school education with the skills and resources to create, produce, and participate in high-quality theatrical performances and events. Created and run by a team of secondary school educators and practicing artists, we are proud to also offer young people the opportunity to engage in acting workshops and theatre-making masterclasses, and to receive professional mentorship to further their theatrical education outside of tertiary study.


Genelle Lentini


Genelle is a leading secondary school teacher with years of experience in performing arts education. She has a passion for engaging youth in the arts and creates opportunities for students to expand their skills. 


Masters of Teaching

(University of Melbourne)

Bachelor of Creative Arts

(University of Melbourne)

Jack Richardson


Jack is a writer, producer, and director for performance, online audio, and digital video. He regularly conducts workshops in performance writing and creative process to secondary school students across Melbourne.

Post Graduate Dip. of Dramatic Art

(National Institute of Dramatic Art)

Bachelor of Creative Arts

(University of Melbourne)


When philandering playboy, Algernon Moncrieff, discovers the secret identity of his best friend, Jack Worthing, a series of scandalous misadventures are set into motion. Just who is the mysterious Earnest, and to whom has be been betrothed? Do all women become like their mothers? And if one has no taste for teacake, why on earth would one serve it? Only Earnest knows the answer - and discovering his identity may very well crumble the stiff-upper-lip of London's high society...


Adaptation by Jack Richardson / Directed by Genelle Lentini


Performed by

Jack Symonds, Eleni Tsombanopoulos, Tahlia Timoney, Bailey Smith, Heather Thomas, Thomas Titford, Anna Diacos, Jordan Lentini and Antuon Fau

at the Box Hill Community Arts Centre.


When Wendy Darling discovers an unearthly boy crying on her bedroom floor, she is whisked away to Neverland - an impossible realm of mermaids and fairies, Lost Boys and pirates, wicked Captains and hungry crocodiles. But Neverland, for all its wonders, hides a sad, unspoken truth: All children must grow up... except one.

PETER PAN (2018)

Adaptation by Jack Richardson / Directed by Genelle Lentini


Performed by

Anna Diacos, Gui Griffin, Sara Hamilton, Samantha Kelly, Jordan Lentini, April Marshall, Brydie McKenzie, Jack Symonds and Eleni Tsombanopoulos

at the David Williamson Theatre, The Melbourne Polytechnic.

Chicago, 1931: The height of Prohibition, and the era of Public Enemies. Notorious crime boss, Al Capone, hires a rogues' gallery of legendary criminals to rob the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago. But with hoods as bent as Jesse James, John Dillinger, and Bonnie & Clyde, this is one caper that ain't on the level...


Written by Jack Richardson / Directed by Genelle Lentini


Performed by

Anna Diacos, Sara Hamilton, Samantha Kelly, Madi Laffin, Jack Phillips,

Hayden Smith, Heather Thomas, Tahlia Timoney, and Thomas Titford

at the David Williamson Theatre, The Melbourne Polytechnic.

Iconic characters from myth and literature tell their stories of tragedy and triumph, strength and resilience, in a series of monologues written and performed by our 2020-21 Performance Program participants. How does it feel to be a footnote in someone else's story? And could that story change if you had the power to retell it in your own words?


Directed by Genelle Lentini / Edited by Jack Richardson


Written and performed by

Natasha Buckley, Sara Hamilton, Isabelle Jones,

Sam Kelly, and Heather Thomas.